Mr. Tepper is our first Teacher of the Month!

Recognizing the dedication of this PE Teacher from North Bend Elementary

September 22, 2011

Snoqualmie Valley-Issaquah Macaroni Kid, The Cascade Team, The Woodman Lodge and Therapeutic Health of North Bend would like to congratulate Mr. Tepper  from North Bend Elementary School for being named Teacher of the Month for September 2011.

One of Mr. Tepper's students nominated him, and had this to say:

If you don't recognize his name, perhaps you know his legacy to the children of the Snoqualmie Valley.  Mr. Tepper is the face behind starting the Panther Pride Unicycle Team over 30 years ago.  It is his dream and his passion to give every child in the Valley an opportunity to belong to a team, stay fit and active and have an inexpensive choice.  You don't have to own a unicycle.  The fee is $25 a year and if you can't pay you are not kicked out.  He offers his time every day after school so the kids can practice and become world champions.  But Mr. Tepper is also offering his time before school too.  Twice a week he offers his students the chance to be on the jump rope team. And if you ask ANY NBE student what their favorite class is they will tell you Mr. Tepper's PE class!  He has found a way to make fitness fun and never intimidating.  He also offers "PE Leadership" which is a class where 5th graders get to assist and support special need students in an extra PE setting, that teaches acceptance and compassion.  Mr. Tepper is close to retirement and there is no way our Valley, or State, will ever replace him.

Mr. Tepper teaches K-5 PE at North Bend Elementary School.

Thank you to our SEPTEMBER TEACHER OF THE MONTH sponsors: 


Bridget Franklin - The Cascade Team

Jessica Meyburg from Therapeutic Health in North Bend

The Woodman Lodge

Thanks to these generous sponsors, Mr. Tepper has been awarded a $100 gift certificate to The Woodman Lodge, courtesy of Bridget Franklin from the Cascade Team Real Estate Agency and the Woodman Lodge, as well as a massage gift certificate from Therapeutic Health in North Bend.


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