Lay-N-Go: Play for hours, Clean up in seconds!

December 1, 2011

I'll be honest.  My house has been completely overtaken by toys - both large and small.  I thrive on organization, so I have bins and buckets and shelves and hooks.  However none of my systems were working for our rather large collection of Legos.

There's really no point to separating the pieces, unless you like to spend your time sorting Legos.  Besides kids are likely to just dump the bins and then complain when it's time to pick up.

And, we all know the pain of stepping on one of those tiny building blocks.  It's enough to provoke some choice words and a few tears!

Well, I am thrilled to tell you that I've found the perfect product for keeping all those Legos in one place!  Created by a mom (who wanted to tame the chaos of all those tiny pieces) and a dad (who loved building with his kids), the Lay-N-Go is pure genius!  A simple concept very well executed!

The Lay-N-Go is an activity mat and a satchel - all in one!  It's a circle of fabric (denim on one side, nylon on the other) which serves as a playing surface - when laid out on the floor, and a storage unit - when it's time to clean up and go!  The pieces are stored inside!  Simply pull the drawstring and the circle closes up into a satchel that can be hung on a hook, stashed in a closet, or carried with you. 

I recently had the chance to test this product at home with the help of a grown-up Lego fan and my creative four year old.  My husband has been playing Legos for more than thirty years and isn't easy to impress, but he gives the Lay-N-Go his stamp of approval!  My daughter (a big fan of mermaids) immediately likened the blue color to water and a long game of pretend blossomed from there! 

The Lay-N-Go is well-constructed, practical, versatile, and oh-so-clever! 

It also comes in two sizes: 5 feet diameter for hours of play on the floor and 18 inches for on-the-go play - like at the airport or grandma's house or a restaurant. And two colors: blue and pink!

The uses for the Lay-N-Go are only limited by your imagination - Legos, wooden blocks, princess dolls, Barbie clothes, Squinkies, ... or even to hold rice or uncooked pasta as a tactile experience for toddlers.

Santa is on his way with lots of new, and let's face it, probably small toys.  I highly recommend the Lay-N-Go for taming the chaos that's bound to ensue!  It makes a great gift for your kids and YOU!


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I was given a Lay-N-Go to review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.