Mrs. Yoshikawa, April Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Kristin Yoshikawa from Cascade View Elementary School

April 19, 2012

Macaroni Kid Snoqualmie Valley-Issaquah, The Cascade Team, The Woodman Lodge, Therapeutic Health of North Bend and Issaquah Trophy & Awards would like to congratulate Kristin Yoshikawa from Cascade View Elementary School for being named Teacher of the Month for April 2012.

Here is the nomination:  After hearing that his brother’s teacher had won the teacher of the month award my son asked to have his first grade teacher, Mrs. Yoshikawa, nominated and I couldn’t agree more.

As a parent, I feel fortunate to have my son in her class.  She really goes the extra mile as a teacher.  She has a weekly blog that keeps the parents up-to-date on what the students are learning each week and what activities they are working on.  Instead of getting the “nothing happened at school” answer, we can talk about what he did each day. She encourages teacher/parent interaction and is always available.  She even wrote a grant to get her class iPads for educational purposes.  

Mrs. Yoshikawa is one of the teachers that the kids love.  She is always cheerful and happy and genuinely cares for the kids in her class.  She makes learning fun by including fun activities and games.  She also hands out ‘Star’ awards to kids who have done a good deed or have just been trying hard.

It makes a difference when the kids can connect with their teachers and are excited to learn, especially this early in their learning careers.  Thank you for considering Mrs. Yoshikawa for the Teacher of the Month award.

Please join us in congratulating Kristin Yoshikawa on being Teacher of the Month for April 2012.

Kristin Yoshikawa teaches 1st grade at Cascade View Elementary School in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.  Please join us in congratulating this amazing teacher!

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Thanks to these generous sponsors, our feature teacher has been awarded a $100 gift certificate to The Woodman Lodge, courtesy of Cary Porter from the Cascade Team Real Estate Agency and the Woodman Lodge, a massage gift certificate from Therapeutic Health in North Bend, as well as a plaque from Issaquah Trophy & Awards.


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