National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton

Macaroni Kid Review: Outdoor Explorer Toys

August 2, 2012

Dana and I have been invited by Uncle Milton to check out some of their latest National Geographic Outdoor Explorer toys. These are perfect summer toys to enjoy in the great outdoors!  Our family has really enjoyed exploring with the new "tools."

A few days ago we were taking a "hike" through our neighborhood.  We took the 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool (see above) and my husband and I enjoyed teaching our daughter more about north, south, east, and west using the compass and determining the temperature throughout the day (we even learned some things too).  It also has a whistle and a signal mirror.  With all the hiking available to us in the great Pacific Northwest, this toy would be perfect for your little explorer to take out and about (and you may even find it as handy as we did).

Next we checked out the All-Terrain Nature Collector. This toy is perfect for boys and girls ... anyone who likes to explore and collect stuff from nature!  It is basically a grabber toy, but at the end of the grabbing mechanism, there is collection dome so the kids can collect critters without having to touch them. This was great fun in our backyard, where my daughter preceeded to pick up anything and everything with a huge smile on her face!  The toy is very easy to use - it's easy to catch little critters, study them and release them back to where they belong. 

The last toy we played with this week was the Earth Tag. This was a lot of fun for my entire family (yes, my husband and I really enjoyed playing with it too). The Earth Tag is basically a sling shot with soft "earth" balls included that are used as a game to target different things in nature- hit your target and score in the game. Like I said, we had fun with this one, but as a parent, it's important to make sure younger kids know what are appropriate targets (i.e. - not other people or animals.) The game is recommended for ages 8+ but it's a very fun family game!

The best part of all these explorer toys is they are all available to you, at amazing discounts, by clicking here!

Stay tuned next week, as we explore and share even more toys from Uncle Milton, including a very cool headlamp and a sky flare that acutally lights up!

Diana and Dana received the toys for review for the purpose of this article.