CONGRATULATIONS Teacher of the Month Winner!

Congrats Ruth Edwards from Snoqualmie Elementary School for winning June Teacher of the Month!

June 6, 2013
Macaroni Kid Snoqualmie Valley-Issaquah, Bridget Franklin from The Cascade Team, The Flat Iron Grill and Issaquah Trophy & Awards would like to congratulate Ruth Edwards for being named Teacher of the Month for June 2013.

Ruth teaches special education at Snoqualmie Elementary School.  
Here is her nomination:
I am writing to let you know how incredibly grateful my family is to Mrs. Ruth Edwards for all of her assistance, kindness, and professionalism during our tenure at SES.  She is truly one of the teachers which made being a part of the SES community a joy.  Not only that, I think the special ed teachers sometimes get overlooked as they are not the day-to-day classroom teacher, and know that her reputation is admired by all.

Ruth has not only done what most teachers do day in and day out, teach, mold, guide, and lead my daughter specifically, she has gone above and beyond during our time at SES.  Here are just a few examples:

1.  Social challenges:  Ruth has helped children learn to advocate for themselves in difficult social and emotional situations.  She offers choices, points out obstacles, and always treats children with kindness and respect.  I have never had the feeling that Ruth has had a moment of judgment about what is right for a child, instead, she listens with patience, identifies problems as well as potential opportunities for success, and guides my children more like a mentor than just a teacher.  

2.  Academic concerns:  Ruth, repeatedly, has come in early on Wednesday mornings to work on projects and concepts which required concentrated attention and repetition.  This has lead to increased success in math and writing, most specifically, and allows children the extra time and attention they need to grasp concepts that require a little more attention.  (I offered to pay her for outside tutoring, and she simply refused.  Truly, she is gracious beyond measure).

3.  Friend:  Ruth has grown to be my daughter's friend.  I find it truly remarkable in another adult, to be able to guide and teach, but also be accessible to kids at their level.  From my perspective, this takes a truly humble, kind, and dedicated teacher, as well as human being.

We have loved our time at SES and Miss Ruth has made that time a highlight.  We hope she can be recognized in some special way for all her hard work.

Please join us in congratulating this amazing teacher!

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Thanks to these generous sponsors, our feature teacher has been awarded a $100 gift certificate to The Flat Iron Grill courtesy of Bridget Franklin from the Cascade Team and The Flat Iron Grill, and a plaque from Issaquah Trophy & Awards.     

Thanks for all the nominations this year! We look forward to starting the program again in September!