Ring in the New Year with Family and Friends

By Diana Reul-Shapiro December 19, 2018
I remember growing up and always spending New Year's Eve with the same families.  It was tradition and not only did my parents let me stay up until midnight, I loved playing board games and listening to the "top 100" songs of the year with my friends, and watching everyone have fun!

As I got older, I went out.  From bars to night clubs, I "had" to be out on New Year's Eve.  Well, now that I'm a mom, and it's kind of come full circle.  I feel I need ideas to keep the little ones entertained and creative ways to celebrate the coming of 2019, so that not only the kids have fun, but the adults too.

Here are a few ideas that I hope inspire you to have a festive and fun New Year's Eve:

Celebration Time: 12:00 pm on 12/31/18
One of the toughest challenges of New Year's Eve with children is keeping them up way past their bedtime. So, why not celebrate early? Host a NOON Year's Eve Party complete with mimosas for the moms and a bubble stomp for the kiddos!

Celebration Time: 4:00 pm on 12/31/18
Big Ben strikes midnight (at 4:00 pm) in London. Serve fish and chips on newspaper for dinner and a trifle or shortbread cookies for dessert.

Celebration Time: 9:00 pm on 12/31/18
A great idea, that allows for parents to celebrate in the evening, is to host an East Coast New Years Party.  You can even theme the day to the city that you are celebrating. For example, you can serve "Big Apple Pie" while ringing in the New Year in New York City and play Broadway tunes throughout the evening. You can watch the ball drop live at 9:00 pm and the kiddos can be in bed by 9:30!

Celebration Time: 12:00 am on 1/1/2019
Well...yes, technically this is the time you're supposed to celebrate New Year's and if you're brave enough to keep your kids up that late, then rock on!  But remember, if your kids are anything like mine, they'll still be up at 6:00am ready for breakfast, just like the nights they go to bed at 7:30pm!

Maybe you have your celebration time all set, but you're looking for ideas on how to keep the children at your party entertained.  Here are some fun games to consider and most don't require too much adult supervision (an added bonus):
  • Defying Gravity - you must keep two balloons in the air for 60 seconds only using your mouth.
  • Tissue Toss - Using both hands, empty an entire tissue box. 
  • Tweeze Me - using tweezers relocate 5 Tic Tac candiess from one bowl to another.
  • M&M Race - Using a straw transfer M&Ms from one plate to another.
  • This Blows - using a straw and a plastic cup blow till your cup falls off the opposite side of the table. 
  • Face the Cookie - place cookie on forehead and only using facial muscles you must try to get the cookie in your mouth. No hands! 
  • Unicorn - Stack 7 Oreos on your forehead. 
So there you have it.  Some ideas and maybe a little inspiration. Many items can be picked up at your local dollar store. Celebrating with your family this New Year's Eve is priceless! Have fun and stay safe.