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By Snoqualmie Macaroni Kid January 17, 2021

Macaroni Kid has always had two main goals. Number one we are a free resource for families that highlights local family fun such as shows, festivals, classes, and many different types of events. Our second goal is to help local businesses grow with our expansive reach. The newsletter is currently sent out to over 6,400 families in the Snoqualmie Valley area each Thursday afternoon.. 

And because we have fewer events than normal, we have to ask ourselves how do we continue our mission? The first was easy, we began adding virtual events and tons of resources to help families occupy kids while at home. Now there is a mix of both in-person and virtual events as well as tons of resources for creative play at home. The second took a little more thought because we cannot invite all of our favorite local businesses to events with us at this time. However, we have decided to share our subscriber list with 4-5 businesses that really want to target local families for the New Year. Is that your business?

How does it work? Our weekly newsletter goes out every week on Thursday. Therefore we are offering an Email Blast to be sent out on Monday/Tuesday evenings to our list and this is solely dedicated to your business. No calendar of events, articles, or ads - just the information you want to share about your business to thousands of our subscribers. It's that easy! You provide us with the content, we will lay it all out beautifully and publish it to our subscribers. The available dates are below and the one-time cost is $349. We can include pictures, details, shopping links, or even a simple Happy New Year or Happy Valentines Day from xxxx message - totally up to you.

Weeks of:

January 25

February 1

February 8

February 15

February 22

If you would like to take advantage of this one-time offer simply reply back that you "want in". We will send you an invoice (that can be paid with any debit/credit card) and once your invoice is paid your spot is secured. There are limited spots available and they won't last long as this offer is extremely valuable.

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And of course, if you have questions please don't hesitate to ask!