Si View Pool is Open

May 8, 2021
News from the Pool

Our pool is open for limited services for reservations based programs including lap swim, water aerobics, private swim lessons and swim team. Demand for programs has been high, we thank you for your support! We are closely monitoring the regional re-opening phases. In phase 2 and 3 we can operate as we are today, and in phase 4 we can re-introduce group swim lessons. For summer schedules check back after May 4.

We are quickly approaching the outdoor water recreation season. Before heading out, check that your personal flotation device is in good conditions and fits properly. Locally, our rivers and lakes are fed from snow melt keeping water cold longer. Watch for signs of hypothermia. Water levels can also be very high and fast moving. Watch for trees and rocks in rivers and try to avoid them, and always check for depth as well as obstructions before headfirst entries. When out on a group outing, ensure that one person is designated to watch swimmers. This person should be free from distractions including conversation or cell phone. Rotate watch every 15-20 minutes. Be safe and have fun!