Community-Wide Garage Sale

Issaquah HIghlands

September 7, 2022

Whether it’s called a yard sale or a garage sale, it’s a summer tradition!

This is one of ONLY two times during the year that you are allowed to have a garage sale on your property (the two dates for 2021 are June 18 and September 17).

Highlands Council will advertise the sale in many media: Connections, weekly e-letter, social media; you provide your own signs to direct shoppers to your home/garage.

Tips for Success:  

Prior to the sale, take an inventory of your household items. If your belongings have not been used, worn, or read in the past year, they may be good candidates for re-sale. Remind yourself that your goal is to eliminate clutter and find new homes for your unused or unneeded items. Actively involve family members in the decision making process. Children may more easily discard outgrown toys if they know there is a reward for their participation.

Make sure all items are cleaned well. Masking tape can be used to price items. Price items prior to the start of the garage sale. A guideline for pricing is to price in 25 cent increments. The rationale for this method is it makes the math calculations easier and the seller does not have to keep a supply of nickels and dimes.

When displaying items, keep similar items together – for example, toys together, books and magazines together, and glass items together. On the day of the sale have supplies on hand such as boxes or bags for buyers with larger purchases, measuring tape for to measure furniture, calculator, and tables. Also have an extension cord on hand to plug any items into outside electrical outlets and a variety of batteries. Other key points are to be approachable, remember that bartering is a sport (compromise is good), and have fun.