Sno-Valley Moms

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The Sno-Valley Moms group is a great place to make new friends and find real support. Common group activities include playdates, field trips, mom's night out events, community service projects, book club and more. Our members live within the Sno-Valley communities of North Bend, Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington and most are mothers of kids ages 0-5.

The Sno-Valley Moms group was created on May 15, 2007 with the intent to provide local moms of young children a way to meet other moms and create new and lasting friendships for themselves and their kids, while finding support from the only people that truly understand the ups and downs of motherhood - other mothers. Since 2007, hundreds of moms and children have benefited from the Sno-Valley Moms Group and have participated in over 2,000 events, including playdates, field trips, craft projects, Mom's Night Out events, book club, exercise classes, and dinner swaps.

The Sno-Valley Moms Group has also developed a strong sense of community- not only within our own group but throughout the Snoqualmie Valley. The group supports our new moms through a "Meals for New Moms" program, and helps support local community service projects through our "Charity of the Quarter" program. Some of the charities recently assisted by our group are Vine Maple Place (which provides temporary housing for families transitioning from homelessness), Mt. Si Helping Hands Food Bank (which has evolved into a monthly community service project we support), and the March of Dimes (which our group supported by walking in "March for Babies" and raised over $1,600 to help fight premature births, birth defects and infant mortality).

Becoming a member of the Sno-Valley Moms Group does come with some requirements including, 1) A membership fee of $12/year ($1/month) collected annually on January 1st. If you join the group mid-year, you will be asked the pay for the remaining months in the calendar year (due within 30 days of being accepted into the group); 2) As a member of the Sno-Valley Moms Group you are also required to host an event once every quarter (4 times a year) and attend 2 events every quarter (8 events a year). You must attend your first event within 6 weeks of being accepted into the group. 

The intent behind hosting and attendance requirements is to ensure that our calendar is always full with a variety of fun and diverse activities and to help members develop strong friendships with other moms they see frequently.

Hosting an event does not necessarily meaning inviting people into your home. While in-home playdates are encouraged and always well attended, members can also host a craft event at one of the local libraries, invite other moms out for a coffee break, invite moms (with or without kids) to a "Mommy Matinee" at the North Bend Movie Theater, meet at a local park, or meet at a local restaurant or wine bar for some drinks and conversation. The possibilities are endless.

Business Review

"Love, love, love these ladies! So friendly and nice, a great way to meet new moms when you're the new girl in town!"

"Sno-Valley Mom's is an easy, fun way to meet other moms in the area. You can always find an event that interests you and are bound to meet a few good friends along the way!"

"There are amazing families in this group with women who are kind, fun and drama-free. Everyone has such a great time together and with the huge variety of activities offered there is truly something for everyone."