Issaquah Moms Group

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The Issaquah Moms Group (IMG) was organized to enrich the lives of mothers with young children by helping facilitate lasting relationships within a small community for mother and child alike.
IMG has multiple events each week set up by the members of the group. These events include in-home play dates (specific ages and all ages), park play dates, fun field trips, trial classes, mom's night out, couples events, and more! 

In addition to our many events, we are a caring group and believe in reaching out to provide support for those in need. This support includes community volunteering, Meals for Moms (when a baby is born, family member has surgery, etc.), Christmas Baskets for families less fortunate, etc.
Membership Requirements:

To be a member of IMG you must fill out the new member questions on our site and add a photo to your profile (incomplete profile applications will not be considered for membership). Members are accepted on a weekly basis so it may be up to 7 days before you hear from our New Member team. The majority of moms live within the Issaquah and Sammamish neighborhoods. However, any Mom can join! Stay-at-home mom or working outside of the home, we welcome you to join. 

Annual membership dues are $12. These dues help to cover the cost of parties, children's activities, and other administrative expenses (i.e. website fees, nametags, etc.). They are pro-rated depending on what time year you join IMG.

We maintain a very active calendar with a variety of events. Hosting events is completely voluntary and there are no attendance requirements (so attend as many or as little events as you like). We do encourage all members to host and attend events often in order to create lasting friendships with other members.