PEPS Program for Early Parent Support

PEPS Groups bring parents together to share the joys and challenges of parenthood and develop confidence in their own abilities. PEPS was born in Seattle more than 30 years ago and for many parents, a PEPS Group becomes a supportive community that lasts a lifetime.

PEPS stands apart from other new parent groups with a focus on creating connections and community – factors that we know help strengthens families, increase family wellness, and prepare families to cope with life stresses. One parent said, “At PEPS, it’s okay to ask any and all ‘is this normal??!!’ questions!”

Groups provide ongoing resources and peer education, led by trained facilitators. 

Daytime & Evening Newborn Groups (0-16 weeks), Baby Peppers (5-12 months), Second Time Around (0-16 weeks) or Little Peppers (2 kids under age 3). Plus events, lectures and more. Learn more at a free drop-in While You're Waiting Information Session, offered several times a month in King and Snohomish Counties. 

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Business Review

My daughter and I started in a local PEPS when she was only 2 weeks old.  It was so refreshing to be with other moms in the same situation.  Most were first time moms, but a few were on their second.  We were made to feel "normal" as being a new mom isn't always easy!  Now, over 11 years later, I'm still in contact with the moms in the group and it's so amazing to see how much the kids have grown over the years!  I truly cannot say enough great things about PEPS!  If you're a new mom or dad, sign up's life-changing and one of the best decisions I ever made!  - Snoqualmie Mom