Cascade Enrichment

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Cascade Enrichment has carefully crafted the tutoring experience for both students and parents. Each student is placed with a tutor picked specifically for them, someone who specializes in the areas where the student needs the most support. 

Students meet with their tutors from the comfort of their homes, either in person or remotely. The at-home tutor approach not only helps students work in a focused study area at their home but also eliminates the need for parents to drive their children to a tutoring center. 

Cascade Enrichment has a diverse group of tutors available to help in all K-12 subject areas. Whether you need a reading tutor for your 1st grader, an algebra tutor for your middle schooler or a physics tutor for your high schooler– Cascade Enrichment has the right tutor for your child. 

Business Review

“Highly recommend! Pamela is responsive and exceptional. My kids are in 1st and 4th grade and there is no way we could do this without Reta. ...

—Crystal W.

“My son’s confidence in his math abilities are growing and he is having success in class. We could not ask for a better experience.”

—Charlene G.

"My daughter has worked with both Pamela and Abbas at Cascade Enrichment for tutoring in Pre-Calc for several months now. It has been extremely beneficial and her grade has improved. ...

—Monique C. 

“Cascade Enrichment has been wonderful to work with this year! My daughter needed home hospital services following a prolonged illness, ...

—Kristen J. 

“Very professional tutoring service. The tutor helped my son who transitioned to kindergarten after the pandemic. She helped in getting him ready for school and has worked with him to keep up with his progress.”

—Kasturi D.

“This a HUGE shoutout to Cascade Enrichment! Thank you thank you thank you Angela and Pamela. Reaching out to get my daughter a tutor was a Hail Mary two weeks before school ending. ...

—Gail M.