Issaquah Weight Loss Center

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Banic Chiropractic and Massage Clinic in Issaquah provides scientifically based treatments to help our patients reduce pain and achieve wellness. 

Our chiropractors provide specialized care that prevents the need for surgery in many cases, increases return to work, decreases the use of narcotics, advances other therapies and provides relief to people of all ages, even those who have "tried everything". 

Our licensed massage therapists have years of experience managing painful conditions, with many different massage therapy techniques. Our Ideal Protein certified coaches will assist you to achieve structured weight loss while keeping muscle; and will facilitate an understanding of how food is utilized by the body, what causes fat storage, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our mission at Banic Chiropractic and Massage Clinic is to reduce pain and acute health problems, including excess weight, and then to educate our clients on how to avoid future problems and how to maintain their results.

Business Review

Robert T

Working with Tony & Leslie has helped me immensely in my recovery from my auto accident. I had a significant reverse curve in my neck and I was very limited in movement turning side to side. Turning side to side to switch lanes in traffic was incredibly difficult. After going through treatment for nine months I now have full range of motion and my reverse curve is completely gone. I highly recommend going to Tony & Leslie for not only maintenance care but for lifetime corrective care. *

Justin K

Since beginning care with Banic Chiropractic the pain associated with my accident has 100% improved. I’m now feeling better than before. The approach used by Dr. Banic has produced amazing results in only a few months. 

Kim R

 I had back surgery in 2000. In 2008 my back went out and I was reconciled to having surgery again. I was referred to Dr. Banic and he did wonders for me with his treatment and exercise regimen my back has never felt better. I have no limitations on my range of motion or residual pain or sores. I came in mainly for preventative care and since working with Dr. Banic I haven’t had many back problems. I recommend Dr. Banic to anyone who wants to care for their back. I only wish I had seen Dr. Banic in 2000 as I may have avoided my surgery. 

Jackie S

The Banic’s have treated me and my 15 year old daughter for her scoliosis. Not only have we both received relief and quality care but I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my daughters. I have seen multiple orthopedic doctors and always I come back to Tony. He treats my daughter with great care and is honest with all aspects of her treatment and his ability to help. Thanks! You guys are truly the best! 

Donna L

When I first started traction I had experienced two episodes of extreme pain in my right shoulder radiating down to my elbow. In order to work, I sat at my desk with ice packs on my neck and shoulder. I haven’t had any of that pain since starting treatment. Headaches were a common event in my life and sleeping on my left side assured me awaking up with a headache. I couldn’t sleep at night without changing positions several times to relieve pain in my shoulders, lower back and hips. My hands would go number and wake me up – I would have to shake them to get the feeling back. In recent weeks, I’ve even awakened some mornings in the same position I fell asleep and I don’t lose feelings in my hands anymore. I was most amazed at the results of my recent x-rays. I have renewed hope that I can live out my life with good posture, restful nights’ sleep and renewed enthusiasm for tackling whatever. I am more aware of the effects certain activities have on my spine and I take time to remind myself to sit correctly at my desk, stretch regularly, ice when needed and continue my exercises – to counteract the negative forces of working at a desk for several hours a day. 

Gail B

Honestly worth every visit! At first I thought I would never be the same. After all docs’ coaching and encouragement, I now can do all the activities I used to do. It truly works (adjustment and traction) *Ravi KI had an amazing and satisfactory turn around in my posture, pain relief and health thanks to the efforts of Dr. Banic and his staff. 

Brent B

I had been having back issues for a long time. X-rays were done at a doctor’s and problems were identified. No corrective care was recommended and I ended up hurting myself carrying heavy item. I came to Banic Chiropractic and now I feel the problem has been corrected and my back feels fine. 

Cassiddee S

Extremely impressed with the Banic’s knowledge on traction. It has helped my posture & headaches significantly. Unlike other chiropractors I have seen, I don’t need to continue coming in for treatment frequently.