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My Jenny Craig Journey –Week One

By Diana Reul, Macaroni Kid - Snoqualmie Valley-Issaquah-Sammamish Publisher April 1, 2020

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This article highlights my journey with Jenny Craig for the week of February 29 - March 6, 2020.

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My Health. Last week I talked about my first why. Why I wanted to do the Jenny Craig Program, with clinically proven results, to reach my weight loss goals and get healthier.

My doctor recently told me I’m prediabetic, with high cholesterol. Both, she said, are completely reversible by eating healthy and regular exercise. I’m a mom, I have to set a good example for my daughter, and I must do everything in my power to be around to watch her grow.

My second why is not as serious as the first, yet, it is meaningful to me. This summer we are taking a family vacation, and I would love to get family photos taken on location while feeling the best I have in years! 


Earlier this week, I went to Jenny Craig at Walgreens and met my Personal Consultant, Melody. From the moment I walked in her office, she made me feel at ease. She jumped right in asking me questions and showing genuine interest in my story. We discussed the Rapid Results Program, the DNA Weight Loss Kit (and how easy it is to use) and what my ultimate goals are while being on the Jenny Craig Program.

After assessing my weight loss goals and activity levels, and discovering I’m not a picky eater, she told me I would be on the Balanced 1500 Calories Meal Plan, and handed me the menu. With a huge smile on my face, and knowing I have an amazing support system from Melody, I walked out of Jenny Craig at Walgreens ready to start my weight loss journey.


I’m a foodie. I’m not going to lie, I love food. And as I stated above, I’m not picky. Though the Jenny Craig Program caters to all food enthusiasts, you are able to swap out meals here and there, to better cater to your taste buds.

The menu is so easy to follow. Bold font items are supplied by Jenny Craig, regular font items are your grocery list. Included is a Getting Started Guide that shows you exactly what a serving is of almost anything you could want to enjoy with your Jenny Craig food items. 

Here are just a few of the Jenny Craig Food options I enjoyed over my first week:

Sunshine Sandwich
Loaded Baked Potato
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chicken Street Tacos
Tuna Dill Salad Kit
Pepperoni Pizza

Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
Sunrise Scramble

Cinnamon Rolls


I’ve done apps before. Tracking my meals, my exercise, and spending more time trying to calculate calories than it took to eat said calories. 

The Jenny Craig app is so refreshing! It’s easy and takes about one minute to set up. It’s all drop down menu style, so you just find your food plan and what week you are currently on, and it does the rest. You check boxes as you eat throughout the day, and enter your exercise, weight and water consumption with numbers. Hit save and it’s really that simple. In fact, I’m pretty sure it took you longer to read my review of the app, than it will take you to get started!


My first week on Jenny Craig My Rapid Results Program and I’m thrilled to report I’ve lost 4 pounds (average weight loss 1-2 lbs/week for members following the program). I’m definitely on my way to better health, thanks to my determination and help from the Jenny Craig Program.

This Week’s Fast Facts:

  • First week done and the food is fantastic and easy to prepare (your biggest issue will be reminding your family that this is your food)
  • My DNA results just came back and I can’t wait to share with you the findings. I realize I can’t change my DNA, but, with help from the Jenny Craig Program, I can find a way to work with what I’ve got.

Next week I’ll share my DNA results, more about the Rapid Results Program. And if you wish to see my journey from the start, here is a link to my first article: You're Going to See Less of Me Soon.

Ask yourself what’s your why? And join me today!

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